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Sponsoring Charter

It's the definition of rules and ethical involvment of Espoir sans Frontières, in accordance with its founder principles.

School sponsoring for children en famille
By its financial support, the sponsor ensures a child's schooling by reducing schooling cost paid by the family ( school fees, school stationeries, school uniform). The latter promises to encourage and to make every effort to gather the best conditions for the child's success.

The sponsoring aim is to allow the child to be sent to school in his own background, to give him basis for the construction of his adult life and so, to acquire his autonomy, by fighting against exodus to the capital or neighboor countries and also to fight against children work and modern slavery.

The sponsored child needs to find his place in society.
Relations between sponsors and children are the most important, by their emotional and human impact. Indeed, contacts by vicarious post could be a real motivation and direct morale support.
Sometimes, child is weakened, because he is orphan and/or placed in care at relatives' place. Therefore sponsoring is a real involvment from the sponsor, so that the child doesn't feel abandoned again. Sponsor can't forget that the child have an history, very different of what we know in Europe.

1- Membership of Espoir sans Frontières.
By paying an annual contribution, you help Espoir sans Frontières to maintain its work tool and you help to preserve the quality of the service. In addition to the "letter to sponsors", publication devoted more particularly to sponsorings, you will receive our magazine "Le messager d'espoir" which will give you information about all the actions of our association.

2- Involvement : you get involved, without length condition, to pay a monthly sum, defined in advance. We send you a child's file. You will receive news from him at least twice a year, during the sponsoring length. Each quarter, thanks to your payment, a transfer is made in the concerned country. Your involvement allows to your sponsored child to be sent to school and to improve his lifestyle.

3- Length of the sponsoring: A child is "sponsorable" until the end of his studies. Children schooling  is not a natural priority for some people in some countries therefore families are informed about the lever that education represents for children future and development.
By sending a child to school, and more specifically when he reaches high school, he will be less present for everyday life (farm work, housework...). Our association respects the child's attachment to his ethnical identity and to his customary laws. Consequently, we wish sponsors are really aware of the mid-and-long term involvement.

4- Who are beneficiaries? We step in villages where all children are "sponsorable".But all are not. The sponsorised children are clearly identified by our partner in order to not give priority to any child. We fight against inequalities, we don't want to create some more. By sponsoring, you sensitize the other children and parents to the education interest, in addition to your involvement in the school follow up of one particular child.
Your involvement also have direct consequence for the family other children (we give the stationeries of previous year to the brothers ans sisters...).

5- How sponsoring is introduced to the child and his family? Responsibles of our local partners,  close to the children and their families, explain at length sponsoring aim. It's not a charity approach, but an individual help.

6 - Choice to sponsor a child according to criteria (age, gender): If you have particular request for a child you want to sponsor, we will do our best to answer you. However, all children need help and some more than others, therefore we like to be as free as possible to choose a child to a new sponsor in a chosen school cycle (a lot of needs from 9 years old). For some sponsors, young children are more "attractive" than older ones. Once again, our Association must not create more inequalities than help!

7 - How and When do you pay ? Payments have to be regular. In order to simplify the system, ESF recommend to the sponsor to put a transfer in place. For this reason, ESF give to the sponsor a Bank Account Details. Fiscal receipt will be sent in the beginning of the year.

8 - Visit your sponsored child.
If you want to meet your sponsored child, ESF will give you coordinates of our local intermediary, who will take you until the child's home.
Espoir sans Frontières has to warn you against serius drift due to an excessive generosity.
Sponsored children were chosen because of the extreme poverty of their social background. Don't forget that your sponsoring is an important financial support in a country where the average wage often represents just some sponsoring months. Our local responsible have an educational role beside children and families: sponsors who give long-term help don't have to receive request of additional money or presents.
It's important to understand that Espoir sans Frontières has a role of  "Parent", in charge of  the children daily education until the end of their schooling.
At the moment of your visit, you will be the sponsor who "spoils" and your little presents will tighten your links... only if they are reasonable.

9 – Some answers of frequent questions:
Sending presents
To send parcels, the experience shows that presents, chosen with love by the sponsor, often don't reach their destination. It's preferable for Christmas or the child birthday to add little sum to the sponsoring transfer, by noticing to ESF that it's a present. In some exceptional circumstances (payment for medical problems for example) ESF will accept to give an additional sum of money.
Making the child come in your country
Espoir sans Frontières is not in favour of this approach.
Of course, each person is unique, and so, each child has his capacities of reaction.
But, generally, this kind of "holiday" experience is deeply moving for the child. If the stay brings discoveries, presents and enthusiasm, it also brings fears linked with the separation from the family and, linked with the return in poorer conditions.
Discovering a "gold reality", unknown until then, can lead to a rejection of his social background and of his family.

In his letters, the child doesn't answer to the question I asked
Sponsors have to wait their sponsored child learn how to write a letter. Children enjoy receiving letter but they can find difficult to reply. It's particularly true for very young children and for those who start school late or who live in isolated places. When the child has difficulties to write his letter, our local intermediary helps him: some children need this help during all the sponsoring length.

Giving your personal adress - writting directly to the child.
In order to avoid possible drift on the premises: untimely requests from the sponsored families, wrong information... ESF advises against. Furthermore, postal delivery is often not very  reliable.

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