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Individual sponsorings for children, victims of the Tsunami (December 26, 2004)

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General functioning.
Following to the reconnaissance mission of January 2005, Espoir sans Frontières opened 200 sponsoring files. Today, on a level with work, few families really found a situation comparable at the one they had before the Tsunami. A lot of people have to content themselves with insecure and bad-paid jobs.
The majorrity of fathers are building worker or they work in cinnamon trade, some ones are fishermen but rarely self-employed. Few mothers work, and those who do make rope with their family help. Therefore, in order to maintain these children at school, Espoir sans Frontières decided to continue the programme.
Financial contribution :   
These sponsorings are school sponsorings, it means that their aim is to give the possibility to children to follow serenly their studies, by buying school material and private tuitions.
Sponsors' financial contribution is monthly. It's not a punctual assistance, but a school support destined to be maintained until the end  of the child's schooling. It's a sizeable help considering the average wage in Sri Lanka.
Each quarter, the sponsoring sums are paid on the ban accounts opened for each sponsored child.

Before meeting your sponsored child(ren), you have to notify it to ESF, which will give you the intermediary's coordinates. The latter will receive you and makes your visit easier.

Mrs Wasanthie,
 ESF intermediary in Sri Lanka

Letter exchanges :  
Sponsors and sponsored children's letters pass necessarily through the association. ESF takes charge of the translation (if it's necessary) and send it.

Sponsored child's letter in Sinhalese.
Presents :
In order to not create feelings of unfairness between children, we advise you to not send presents. Furthermore, you have to know there is a high cost to clear through customs (paid by the family) and your parcel can be stolen.
Our sponsors' stories:
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Valuation missions of Espoir sans Frontières in Sri Lanka
Every year, ESF goes on the premises in order to visit the sponsored children's families.

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