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Our school sponsoring programme was born in Honduras in 1998. That year, hurricane MITCH transformed lazy rivers into stirred-up seas. The partnership with the Congregation of Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco was born in the middle of this huge catastrophe.

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Monthly Sponsoring sum come to 23 euros. 23 euros is almost a quarter of an average wage for this population when there is work but it's also the comforting presence of a friend, who believe in a child's future thanks to school.

The administrative and financial responsible since 1998 in Honduras is Sister Julia Gutierrez, helped by the whole Salesian Cingregation to identify the girls with difficulties.

Today, it's possible to classify sponsored girls in two categories: "girls of Hurricane Mitch", and 'Girls of new generation".

MITCH girls.

Sponsored since 1998, they are adult today being between 18 and 22. Because of pauperization due to the hurricane, they couldn't go to school, but thanks to your will, they find again the teaching way.
Managed bet.
Some girls are today autonomous by working and financial sponsorings were transfered, at the request of sponsors to another child.
Other girls, in majority, continue their studies, mainly linked with the current economic opportunity: Computering for banks, but also with their personal fellings: social worker, teacher, secretary...
They were saved from the "daily street-sweeping", job made by women of all age, who slave away in the middle of germs, in the tropical rain or stifling warm.
New generation

We widely favour the entrance in high school. Indeed, it's from this moment of the entrance in high school that children are old enough to support the poor family economy by different works.

The majority of our girls was in th middle of a process to work as "domestic" for rich families. "Domestic" means there that they will be required to fulfill every corvées, physically and psycologically. ESF gave them the possibility to go to school and, they appreciate the status change. They are really motivated and they try to be really studious to win a better future. It's also a way to thank their "sponsor" to his  financial efforts.
Collective Sponsoring of Las Flores Center:
An answer for prevention of Childhood restless wandering.

How to sponsor the Center?

Las Flores Foster Home receives children fostered by judicial mandate for mistreatment, restless wandering, or parental incapacity.
Espoir Sans Frontières give a food support for this center which receive girls from 6 to 14, who were assaulted, mistreated by their families or in childish prstitution networks, abandonned or begging. This foster home, situated in the village of  La Cuesta, in the periphery of Tegucigalpa, receives almost twenty children really weakened. The aim is to help them to rebuild their lives. The center staff give them affection, individual and collective therapy, medical and psychiatric care, a primary education within the center and when it's possible, an integration in village school.

Foster staff favours the awakening of mental, emotional, social and physical capacities of the girls from really poor backgrounds, often malnourished who, without this help, would stay in the streets, submissive for the mafia networks, very present in Honduras. A particular attention is paid for their intelligence and personality  development.
An other center aim is to educated the girls to the moral and citizen values. This project are introduced to national and international organizations to get the financings needed.

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