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Following to several trips in Brazil and more particularly in Salvador de Bahia, Pierrette POISSENOT, very touched by favela poverty, thought first of all of  creating her own association to help this disadvantaged population. By a stroke of luck, she met a member of Espoir sans Frontières who guided her towards us. So Pierrette chose to unite with Espoir sans Frontières by creating a new delegation in Le Mans.


" When I arrived on January 2009 in Salvador de Bahia, I got in touch with Célia, my Brazilian friend Vilma's sister.
Célia, retired headmistress, is relly implicated in the social fabric of her city, Dias da Vila, at 50 km in the north of Salvador de Bahia. She has worked with her husband, for 34 years, in a privtae capacity, for poor people who live in favelas. I was really impressed by all her charitable actions, fulfilled with her own financial and material means, though very limited.
She made so many things, helped by her husband Carlos and their daughter Carla, to give children a meal and help them.

Carla and Celia
We created an association called: Associacion Filantropic Escola Sam Frontiera, chaired by Celia.
Children and families were listed, even if the holiday time didn't make the job easier. Indeed, children often go in their families or are employed to work.
We also must explain to the parents the aim of sponsoring and only Celia, with her experience, could make this approach.

Twins Michel and Mixaël, are 13 and went to school just ine year, because of a lack of money.

Octavio is 11, excellent pupil, noticed by his teachers but his parents couldn't pay his studies.

We made the first children forms and I went with Celia and Carla to see families and children in the favelas.
We decided to not give the sponsor's money directly to the parents. They are so poor they can't have a bank account and moreover, they are almost all illiterate. The brazilian association will manage each file. It's the surest mean so that money is correctly used for child's school and medical education.

Espoir Sans Frontières will make an annual check for the sponsors' money use.
It's what we decided first.
Subsequently, we will have to create a place for the association.
School in Brazil is really deficient: there are 40 pupils in one class and only the morning or the afternoon, because of the lack of place.
In this place, we'd like to install:
-an office for the association's administration
-tables, for private tuitions given by voluntary brazilian teachers during the free half-day. They also can serve to take meal.
-a little kitchen to cook a meal a day for sponsored children.
-a toilet  and a shower.
It's important to underline that most children don't eat every day. Their "houses" are often without water, electricity, toilets, beds, tables... In short, there is nothing.
How a child can learn if he hasn't eaten for several days?
I admit I was really touched by this poverty.
I'm aware our action will just be a drop in an ocean of poverty, but, all together, we will help a maximum of children who, thanks to their sponsors, will can receive a teaching and have a profession.

Nevertheless,  Espoir is not a futile word. Children and their parents received me with so many smiles that they will always be in my memory.
Celia, Carla, Vilma, Carlos, and the other brazilian voluntaries thanked me for the help brought by Espoir sans Frontières' sponsors.
I hope we will find quickly actions to collect funds and to get ahead with our projects in Salvador de Bahia. Thank you in advance."

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