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""To defeat the war, according to us, it's to be able to get up again and to take courage to continue the work without being punished by suffering, past war fear and without hoe for the future."
Sister Lina Abou Naoum

Our correspondence with the Sisters of Hadath Baalbeck Community -Bekaa in Lebanon.
23rd September 2006

   Dear friends,
In the name of the Sisters of the Hadath Baalbeck Community, in Bekaa, I am deeply thankful. Each support is favourable for us during this difficult time in our Country.
We will inform you as soon as we will receive your donation and we will give  you required details.
Since the 5th September, we have worked a lot to prepare the team of reception school, by knowing that they will never be as good as we want.
The first decision is to make the school more beautiful and more hospitable with a decor from life, affection and color pictures until the classrooms.

What you will send will be for some families which can't pay school because of war.
Thank you. I will give you later the name of the beneficiaries.
Sr. Lina Abou Naoum

27th may 2007
Dear Responsibles,
Your letter awakened a hope for us.
Thank  you to have written to us in this deeply critical and worrying moment for the Lebaneses' lives.
News from families and from all the Lebanese Community are not reassuring. We received a letter from the General Secretariat of the Catholic Schools which askes us to watch with a lot of attention our schools and to not trust those who come for the first time, to alert policemen, to watch entrances and new cars which bring pupils! With all that, it's difficult to find the calmness we need to work and to create a hospitable and reassuring atmosphere for the children. It is a new catastrophe which is added to the previous ones and which makes our life hell.
Alas, peace seems so difficult and inaccessible. What could we do? The school project during the year was for peace: to sow some positive feelings in the children and teenagers' hearts to be able to overcome trauma created during thesse 33 days of bombardments. In this moment of violence, Christians are the first threatened and the mission is more and more difficult. What could we tell to the children? One week ago, we cancelled the end-of-year walk which was very expected. Sadness is in their little hearts.It is impossible to make a walk after 3 explosions in 3 different areas of the Country. How can we put ourselves and put the children out of danger?

We are not certain to can finish school year according to the foreseen planifications.We need support. Fightings continue in the Northern Lebanon and the Alarm is everywhere following the Fath Al-Islam's declarations to shatter Libaneses' lives -particularly Christians

The terrorism touches the country which hasn't breathed yet after the war and which continues to pay the piper of a peace which doesn't really exist in several arabic countries.

Thanks for having helped us following the war and thanks for having asked news
Sr. Lina Abou Naoum

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