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SUTA, province of DIMBOVITA

250 abandonned children in this orphanage, during the Ceausescu's regime

It is a little after the fall of Ceausescu, in 1991, that Espoir sans Frontières leapt at the opportunity
to go to Romania.

"Of course, the media prepared the shock, but it was beyond the words".

In Suta, in the province of Dimbovita, at about 90 km from Bucarest, there is an orphanage where 250 children from 7 to 18 years old live in terrifying conditions.For the youngest section (until 11), there is just one bed for two, and it is so little that their legs stich out between the bars as they grow up.
A few get up, never outings, enuretic and not washed, fed with clear soups and bread, and we wonder what mechanism man and above all a child can speed up to survive. 
They are there, divested, and we have to speed up ourselves to try to improve their lives but it's a difficult system with a lot of corruption.
After the chartering of new equipment meeting the listed demands, we could help them efficiently enough during three years.


Buildings' rehabilitation, furniture, clothes, food, it is a real logistic that we put in place with France, financially helped by a french Hypermarket Group, motivated by a visit to Suta.


To think to the children's future, Espoir sans Frontières suggested three years later to the local and national Authorities the construction of village, made up of individual houses where lived volontary couples to take care of some children, to love them and send them to school.

Despite our different attempts, we have never obtained the official authorizations without using corruption system, until we had to leave definitely the country.


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