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A foster home in Cieneguilla

to receive children in the first Ande mountains' foothills, where their parents were victims of the terrorist movment "Shining Path"

A choice of life for Cesar and Sila Pimentel, recreate for them a family climate.

In 1994
Espoir sans Frontières
choosed to accompany them thanks to french families by

They were at this moment 34 children between 2 and 12 years old

In Peru, the Shining path...
"From Maoist inspiration, peruvian guerilla warfare comes from a split within the Communist Party.
The movement grows with the forgotten of the agrarian reform of 1969 and with farmer students who have a university diploma they can't use because of the racial and linguistic seggation. This "popular war" advocates the ringer of the cities by the countries thanks to 3 stages: an unrest and propaganda campaign, a widespread offensive against the State and its military power, a total war until the besieged cities fall.
With a vertical organisation, the guerilla warfare rejects the unity of action with big organizations and the link with national political forces. Using the same methods (intimidation, blackmail, murders) as the members of special repression corps, the Sinchis, their enemies. The guerillas use the scorched earth politic.

"Civilian population pays this war, it's between terrorist violence of the guerilla warfare and against-terrorist violence of the State."                  Le Monde diplomatique

Each day, each night, in the smallest village of the Andes, farmers or notables are killed in plain view of their children.

César Pimentel, engineer, and his wife Sila, psycholgist, decided in 1992 to devote themselves to receive deeply shocked children.
Joined by a little youth workers' team, they created by their own funds a place where they love, console, care and watch over the children.

Over the years and their financial insurance, they have opened the door to the prisoners' children imprisoned with their parents as well as children in permanent restless wandering situation.

The recognition by the Authorities on the quality of their care allowed them from 1996 to be listenned at all levels. They could hire new international contacts, particularly for the northern-american NGO capable for support them. 

Thus, Espoir sans Frontières having accompanied their first steps then could entrust with its succession and embark on new project in territories forgotten by the media.

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